Our Services

Hooper & Lundon Ltd offer a fast, competitive importing service. Trying to find what you want in the world’s manufacturing markets can be confusing, frustrating and fraught with difficulties for the inexperienced business or individual.

We take all the hassle and frustration out of importing.  You save time as we manage the whole importation process.

Why use our importing service?


The benefits to you are many.

  • We save you time – sourcing is all done for you and is free of charge.
  • We take the exchange rate risk – all our prices are fixed and quoted in NZ$.
  • We cut out the middleman margin – as we deal directly with the manufacturer on your behalf and with your specific requirements.
  • We obtain better freight rates for you as we can consolidate.
  • We deliver to your door – this is included in our fixed price.
  • We handle all NZ customs regulations and documentation – so you don’t have to worry about red tape.

How does the importing service work?

  • You give us the details and specifications of the product you require.
  • Using our worldwide contacts we then search for your specific product. In most cases we will obtain quotes from several potential overseas suppliers.
  • We will then give you a fixed NZ$ price that also includes delivery to your door.
  • If you are happy with the quoted price, a sample is imported for approval (sample costs may be additional).
  • If the sample and quoted price are acceptable we then import the product for you and deliver to your door within the agreed timescale.

We welcome your business whether you require a one-off or a continual product supply. Our business is however, based on commercial quantities.

Generally we do not handle individual personal requirements or single items.

Contact us now with your specific requirements.