Frequently Asked Questions

What products can you source and import?
Most things! Some examples of products imported include promotional giveaways (company branding can be arranged), office supplies, manufacturing inputs, baby products, medical supplies, confectionery – the list is endless!

When do I pay for the goods?
Payment is usually required at the time of order.  In most cases a 50-75% deposit is needed on placing the order with the balance on arrival of the goods.

Who takes the exchange rate risk?
We take the exchange rate risk. You are quoted in NZ$ with delivery included so it is almost like a local purchase for you – as we are importing directly on your behalf, you get the price benefit.

How much does the service cost?
There is no cost to you unless the importation goes ahead. All sourcing and quotes are free of charge but there may be a charge for any samples obtained.

How does Hooper & Lundon Ltd make its money?
We add a profit margin to the cost of the goods so our profit is included in the quoted price.

How long will it take to source the product and get a quote?
This depends on the product. Some that are standard issue and readily available could take just a few days. A more specialised product though could take several weeks.

What is the lead time on production?
Lead time for production is approximately 4-8 weeks if the product is not held in stock by the overseas supplier. Once we have the product details we will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the timescales.

How long does shipping take?
The order can be imported by sea or air freight. Which method will be determined by the urgency of the delivery and the cost and weight of the products. Air freight is usually used for low weight or urgently required products and would take about a week. For heavier products or larger orders sea freight is generally used. Shipping by sea from Asia for example usually takes about three weeks.

What are the minimum order quantities?
This depends on a number of factors including product type and value, tooling requirements and frequency of purchase. It is also often dependent on the overseas supplier’s minimum requirements. As a general rule of thumb you need to be looking at spending at least NZ$10,000 or more per shipment before it is viable for an overseas supplier.

Can you arrange samples for our approval prior to importation?
Samples are always recommended. These can be provided at cost plus the international courier charge. In the majority of cases, if the order is placed then the sample and courier costs will be deducted from the invoice.